Rundfreifunk live at the 24c3 in english

The freifunk radio show from the 24c3 in English with Ulf and Kloschi. There is also a short interview with me about my experiences with the EeePC I bought in China and a discussion about the OLPC.

Original posting: http://www.public-ip.org/sendung-211.html
Download:  http://www.public-ip.org/tracks/rundfreifunk/1070.mp3

Rundfreifunk live vom 24c3 am Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Ulf und Kloschi von Rundfreifunk berichteten live vom 24c3 am Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Die Sendung ist nun auch als Download verfügbar.

etwas Politik, etwas Erklärung bis hin zu Verschwörungstheorien. Und was hat das alles mit der Vorratsdatenspeicherung zu tun? Dies wird in dieser Stunde, live aus dem gläsernen Radiostudio (Berliner Congress-Center) auf dem Berliner Alexanderplatz erörtert. (http://www.public-ip.org/sendung-210.html)

Demo gegen zukünftige Totalüberwachung der Kommunikation

Wizards of OS Videocast with Flo Fleissig

The first english Videocast of Flo Fleissig with Kloschi (Freifunk), Kurt Jansson (Wikimedia), Jürgen Neumann (Freifunk), Rishab Aiyer Ghosh (United Nations University), Lawrence Lessig (Creative Commons) and Allison and Benoit (Montréal Wireless)

Direct Videolink: http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid=-345577071434265096
Production: Mario Behling

"Hello this is Flo!" .. from the free culture, free software, free infrastructure conference Wizards of OS in Berlin. "It is good stuff you can do here. There are excellent panels with excellent people from all over the world." And Flo is gonna go out to interview some of those excellent people. Watch how Flo talks with Kloschi, Freifunk activist and developer from Leipzig (Germany), finds out that Kurt Jansson, head of the Wikimedia association in Germany, uses the same Freifunk gateway as himself or learns about the early days of free infrastructures in Germany by talking to Jürgen Neumann one of the "founding fathers" of the Freifunk community. Further on Rishab Ghosh from the United Nations University in Maastricht explains how open content and open infrastructure are closely related, before he gets an overview of the development of the world’s biggest wireless network in Berlin by Flo … And of course he also gets to know where he finds Flo’s node in the network. Also, Lawrence Lessig from Stanford University and Creative Commons (and without name tag) describes the free network project in Berlin as “an extremely important project to liberate the physical layer right now.” Flo: “Thank you Larry … and here is your name tag, which I found.” Finally Allison and Benoit from free wireless community in Montréal explain about different models to share and give us a few insights into the chances and difficulties you face when you try to establish a free and open network.

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